Has the m6700 k4000m uefi / secureboot bios bug been patched? Will be using Bios A19.

SHORT: Q: Has the m6700 k4000m uefi / secureboot bios bug been patched as of A19?

I have a replacement M6700 by this evening. I'll be setting this one up with caution and your help. Thank you.


I had a pretty major failure with my previous M6700. I'm not sure if my actions (utilizing uefi and activating secureboot) marked the failure(s?) These features I DID for certain activate as with any system I have owned that supports secureboot (uefi: is pretty standard for a lot of people by now). The exact time and/or if this action caused that effect: I'm not sure.

I honestly didn't keep track of that exact action, as I would never expect my laptops features to brick the system, just as I wouldn't expect my vehicles keyless entry to blow the engine. Cat Frustrated

Anyway: This problem and symptoms I have since read about in multiple threads, outlined below and elsewhere (search tags) are almost exact:


I have read all of the related threads in search and I see some marked as "solved" by trouble-shooting everything from "update your bios" to "tear it down to the motherboard" (no leftover screws = you win?), but no definitive "that fixed it" and bios version pages state "enhanced secure-boot, etc." Nothing definite.

I need an exact answer: Has the m6700 k4000m uefi / secureboot bios bug been patched as of A19? 


Can I utilize these features (uefi & secureboot) together?

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