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If you want to use a newer Ubuntu edition on Dell Precision 7540. NO !!!

If you want to use any newer Ubuntu edition on Dell Precision 7540 your out of luck. The proper driver for my machine is the AMD PRO driver and the machine came with Ubuntu LTS with AMD PRO driver several editions old. I tried to upgrade them following Dell instructions and it fails miserable. Then I looked into installing a newer edition of Ubuntu and found out the AMD Pro driver are only for LTS edition and they refuse to upgrade in that release. So if you have one of these machines your stuff either on new OS without proper drivers or on the factory OS with old drivers. I am begging Dell and AMD to fix this. This is essentially locking us to one Ubuntu edition with one driver. I bought the AMD for simplicity in Linux and turns out it is not even working at all. We should be able to at least upgrade our graphics driver on the existing Ubuntu LTS. This is not the case. I tried and it fails and leaves you with a mess. This is a serious issue that I hope someone will see is a mess. 

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