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M3800 SSD failures

An ongoing story of a troublesome Dell computer. Does anyone know what's going on here?

My three year old Precision M3800 suffered a total SSD failure on 24th April. Until then it had worked faultlessly  The SSD was totally invisible to the system no partitions were shown when the recovery media was tried. The SSD along with some other components including the motherboard was replaced under the Pro Support warranty and within a day or two I was up-and-running again on that machine.

At the end of May the M3800 abruptly stopped working and wouldn't restart. I tried several times over the weekend without luck, then it started as normal on the Monday morning as if nothing had ever happened! I cautiously continued using it until it lost power one more time. This time it started as normal. I ran a diagnostic and the memory was showing an error. Dell sent a support engineer to replace the memory and once again gave it a new motherboard. Everything seemed to be running well after that until...

On 14 June, the new SSD failed totally. The SSD was this time fully visible to the install media but showed partition 0 to be totally empty. Following the advice of the Dell support team, I reinstalled Windows 10 and it once again works (for now). 

I no longer trust this computer and I'm not too sure it's worth spending several hours reinstalling all of my software. I can't fault the service provided by Dell, but we are getting close to running out of ideas. Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be happening here? Could this really be a software problem and not hardware? Is it all just really bad luck?

Thanks for any advice.

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