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M4600 fingerprint scanner compability with M4800

Greeting all,

My question is quite straightforward, my M4800 fingerprint scanner has ceased to operate after I spilled some tea over it. However, a coworker of mine has an older M4600 collecting dust at home and he would gladly let me salvage whatever left of it. My question is: Are the two fingerprint scanners the same model? Physically they look the same to me both are FIPS type scanner, the cutout seems to be the same as well, the only thing left is compatibility between the two generation. I'm asking this as I want to save us both the effort of butchering two laptop only to realize that they are not compatible with each other.

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry but it does not look like it will work.

Dell OEM Precision M4600 / M6600 FIPS FingerPrint Reader Module Circuit Board with Cable - 8N16R

Dell OEM Precision M4800 FingerPrint Reader Module Circuit Board with Cable

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