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M6600 Put to Sleep Attempts to Hybernate Instead

This is almost certainly my fault. That said, I must have unintentionally changed a setting somewhere that has caused my machine to have Sleep/Hybernate confusion. When I press Start and Sleep the computer shuts down. However, when I open the lid, which is set for sleep/wake, nothing happens. When I then press the Power button the computer attempts "System Resume", which I think is the response to a Hybernation. (Anyway it never happened before, it previously just went directly to my login screen from Sleep/Wake).

I hate the hybernation function altogether, so I followed instructions for disabling hyberfil.sys and ever since then, this has been happening. Can someone please assist me in finding my setting error. I tried restoring to an earlier state and it didn't help. I also reset the power settings to factory defaults and that didn't help either. Could it be a BIOS setting? Thank you...M6600 Windows 7 Pro

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