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P2417H, Precision M4800, no HDMI signal until reboot


I have a Dell Precision M4800 laptop with a P2417H connected. I take my laptop home each night and disconnect the P2417H.

When I come in the next day, I plug the P2417H in, and get the message No HDMI signal from your device.

If I turn on the P2417H before connecting to the laptop, I'll get a message 'going into power save mode in 4 minutes'. While this message is up, I'll plug in the P2417H cable and the message immediately goes away.  Then I'll get the message 'No HDMI signal from your device'.

The P2417H knows that a cable was plugged in, it just isn't getting signal.  Might be an issue with the laptop instead of the P2417H?

I'll hit FN + F8 to select extend, duplicate, etc, but it makes no difference if I toggle these on or off.

If I reboot my machine, the P2417H will come up just fine. This only happens if I disconnect/reconnect the monitor without rebooting.

The exact same behavior happens when trying the DP cable as well.


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