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Precision 3510-FirePro W5130M-Win10x64-Freezing :(

Hello everyone ,,

I have Precision 3510 with Disabled AMD FirePro W5130M running  with OEM  Win10x64 1803 17134.1069

every time when i tried install AMD FirePro W5130M driver its freezing all my precision screen , keyboard , mouse, and everything and fan sound raised ×× .. till i powered  it off with long pressing on power button.

any version of driver cause freezing , I dont know how to fix this problem , it makes me crazy

please help me ,

+ sorry for my bad english

Regards ..


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Re: Precision 3510-FirePro W5130M-Win10x64-Freezing :(

Hi @MohZeid this issue could be caused by a potentially failing graphics card but it could also be software  / driver related.

Having looked at the drivers available, the latest one is this -https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=799mw&oscode=wt64a&produc...

Looking at the "Important Information" it advises the following :- 

1. Please install Intel graphic driver first, then install AMD graphic driver.
2. If you would like to un-install graphic driver, please remove AMD graphic driver first, then remove Intel graphic driver
Have you tried those steps as part of your troubleshooting?
Also, what is the reason you are upgrading the graphics driver?
Has the graphics card worked previously up until now?
Have you recently carried out a clean install on the system and trying to install the drivers for the first time?

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