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Precision 5510: performance degradation after firmware upgrade

The recently released firmware version 1.13.1 significantly degraded performance of my Precision 5510 (appears to be very similar to XPS 15, hence choosing this forum). By "poor performance" I mean various graphical applications were slow to respond to input events -- noticeable lag between pressing a key and the effects of that action, or jerky scrolling. This was especially visible in Chrome, but also in other browsers and applications, e.g. Thunderbird, IntelliJ. I haven't run benchmarks to determine whether the culprit was compute throughput, specific to GPU-bound workloads, or just responsiveness.

Restoring the firmware to version 1.12.0 (previous version, released Sep 2019) resolved the problem.

System details: Precision 5510, i5-6440HQ, Intel HD Graphics 530, running Ubuntu 18.04 with full-disk encryption active.