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Precision 5510 screen won't turn on after idling for a while on battery power

I'm using Dell precision 5510, and I'm recently having problems when I leave the machine idling on battery power for a while, the screen goes off and when I move the trackpad or press any keyboard button to wake it up it just freezes and the screen won't come on, although the keyboard lights may work in that case and the fans still spin.

I've tried troubleshooting windows so many times, I ended up with a fresh windows install, I've upgraded all the drivers and BIOS and everything is up to date, and the issue is still happening (only happening on using battery power not AC power).

Edit: If I restart the laptop on battery power, the issue doesn't recur, but if I plug AC power then unplug it, the issue happens.

Any help will be appreciated,


Mahmoud Ezzat

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Re: Precision 5510 screen won't turn on after idling for a while on battery powe

@MahmoudEzzat that's very strange for the behaviour to only happen on battery power and after a clean Windows install. That would suggest the problem is hardware related, although the behaviour you have described sounds more like software or OS related.

a) What OS are you running on the system?
b) For how long has this issue been going on for?
c) Does this only happen if the system puts itself to sleep?
d) What happens if you put the system to sleep by either closing the lid or pressing the power button?
e) What happens if you have both the ac adaptor and battery connected?


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Re: Precision 5510 screen won't turn on after idling for a while on battery powe


Thanks for your reply
I'm using Windows 10 pro version 1903, the issue has been going for 2~3 months, the issue happens when the system is left idle so screen will go off without going to sleep, without closing the lid or pressing the power button.
When AC is connected I have no issues at all, it only happens on battery alone which is performing normally giving me more than 5 hours of usage.

There's been some updates .. when I close the lid to put the laptop to sleep (on battery power only) then I reopen the lid again, the laptop powers up but restarts windows, it's very frustrating and happens only on battery power also. I've recently upgraded BIOS to v1.12 and I thought it might be the reason ... so I downgraded again to v1.11.2 and the sleep issue is gone!

Another update: Some times while reproducing the screen idle issue, I occasionally hit BSOD with CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED,  I've switched the windows power plan to high performance instead of balanced, and I think the screen idle issue might be solved by that, I'm still testing that out .. will keep updating here.


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