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Precision 7510 BSOD upon (Un)Docking - Windows 7 x64

I've had this issue for a while now where upon undocking (and sometimes docking), my laptop will crash with a BSOD showing "APC_INDEX_MISMATCH".  My usual workaround has been to put the laptop to sleep before undocking, then this wasn't an issue.  However, recently just the act of trying to put it to sleep causes the same BSOD.  So now anytime I need to dock/undock my laptop I need to save and close everything, then shut it down.  Not very efficient for running to and from meetings...  

I've gone through and updated all the drivers and the BIOS to the latest from Dell, but that hasn't improved the situation.  Our corporate IT's answer was to to the same, and since that didn't work, their answer was to do a clean upgrade to Windows 10.  I'd like to avoid that, so any help here would be appreciated.  

I've uploaded the latest few MiniDump logs here.

Let me know anything else you may need from me.



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