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Precision 7520 dual boot possible? (both Windows 10)

I have two SSD's on my Precision 7520.

One 960 EVO 500 holds Windows 10 (bitlocker)
And a second EVO msata in a 2.5 inch enclosure which I used as a storage drive.

I would like to install a second copy of Windows 10 on the msata (wiping everything on it) and make this drive a second bootable device (accessible with F12?) for testing purposes.

Is it possible to install another Windows 10 on the msata, without compromising the other drive?? So primary boot option remains EVO 500.

How do I install Windows 10 on the second drive without interfering with the 'primary' drive, keeping secure UEFI boot?

If both drives are not accessible at the same time, can I disable one drive or the other through bios settings and use only one drive.

Thanks for your advice.


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Re: Precision 7520 dual boot possible? (both Windows 10)

The following articles may be what you are looking for.



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