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Precision 7520 with TB16 - USB keyboard not working anymore

Hey everyone

Last thursday I've done some updates on my Precision 7520, since I've got a BIG problem:

So I did some Dell updates and a Windows update, sadly at the same time. Since my USB keyboard won't work anymore, it's a Dell KB216. When I mean not working, I mean nothing at all!

I run a Precision 7520, hooked up to the TB16 (2 screens, etc.. laptop stays closed at the office), wireless Logitech USB mouse, wired Dell KB216 keyboard (like the laptop-feel-keys) to the TB16.

Things I did already:

  • Tried another USB port on the docking station - nothing.
  • Tried an USB port on de laptop itself - nothing.
  • Tried to delete ALL keyboard drivers from device management - nothing.
  • Tried to boot Windows in "safe mode" - nothing.
  • Went and bought a cheap **bleep** keyboard - nothing.
  • Probably some other little stuff.

When did it work:

  • In the BIOS on boot, the NumLock light went on, all the navigation in the BIOS was possible thru the Dell KB216.
  • Hooked up to the Mac downstairs.
  • So I KNOW the keyboard WORKS.

All my other USB misc. work when hooked up to the TB16 and some on the laptop itself (hooked up permanently).

I don't know if it was the Dell updates or the Windows updates, but since this happened on thursday, since I've been working with my laptop half open in front of my screens. Verry annoying. But I need this fixed!

ANYONE has a suggestion or a similar problem? Please do tell!

If neccesary I can give a list of the updates from thursday. I actually already did that, but apperently when you go to the "Community" you have to log on again. So when I did that, I lost my first post (THANKS DELL!!!).

Otherwise great product! No second thoughts this far (except for this prob). So no hate there.


Also I'm going to call the support tomorrow, since there is NO SUPPORT VIA TELEPHONE IN THE WEEKENDS!?, but they only open at 8h30 to 17h00 from mon-fri (Belgium based btw).

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Re: Precision 7520 with TB16 - USB keyboard not working anymore


Please let us know the updates that you installed. Did you try rolling any of them back?


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