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Precision 7530 Sleep While Running Randomly, Close and Reopen Lid to Wake Required

Hi, My Precision 7530 Laptop is going to sleep while operating. To awaken, I have to shut my laptop lid and re-open. At some times, this happens every ~10 seconds, making it extremely frustrating to use. Other times, I can go up to 10 minutes without the issue occurring. I don't know 100% if the laptop is sleeping, but it appears to be. The screen goes black and the power-on button does not function to start it up. The lid must be closed and reopened to get it to come back. If I do it immediately, no login is required and I jump right back into the same state as when blackout occurred. I would believe there's some mechanical issue internal causing this, looking for any help to try and mitigate. I would assume all my sleep settings are disabled. Also, using a 3rd party program (ex: caffeine) to disable sleep does not fix the problem. Thanks
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Re: Precision 7530 Sleep While Running Randomly, Close and Reopen Lid to Wake Required

Welcome to the Dell Community  @ejjman1 

First thing to try would be to go into the BIOS and make note of the "SATA Operation" configuration.

Then reset the BIOS to "Default" settings.

Power-on and test.

Next is to make sure you have no devices near the laptop that could be triggering the "Reed Switch"

Things that can trigger the switch: Cell phones, AC adapter, Apple watch etc.

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