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Precision 7530 with 3 External Displays and Built-in Display

I am using precision 7530 (windows 10) with TB16 Docking station, connected 3 monitors to TB16 (DELL U2413 Displayport, U2413 Mini Displayport, U2412M VGA port). This setup works fine. However, when I tried to add a 4th display ( extend the desktop to the M7530 1920x1080 display), it would automatically disconnect one of the 3 external displays, seems like it will only support at most 3 displays. 

My last laptop was the DELL M4800 with a E-port docking station. With this setup I was able to use the 3 external displays and the built in laptop display 1920x1080 on M4800). 


My question: is it possible to use Precision 7530 with the 3 external displays and its built in laptop display at the same time?

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