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Precision 7540 15,6" UltraSharp Ultra HD IGZO : IPS or not?



Can anyone tell me if the following precision 7850 monitor is IPS or not?

"15,6" UltraSharp Ultra HD IGZO 3840 x 2160 AG, NT, WWAN, Premium Panel Guarantee, Adobe 100%"

I like the high resolution, but i do photography editing, so i need the great viewing angle of an IPS panel.

(meaning: every viewing angle shows me the same colors and contrast)


It's not clear to me if IGZO is IPS or not...


Thanks for you help.


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I would say it is ips panel. See the review below for the 7510 in the description for display.

I do photography and also colour calibrate my screens so an ips display panel is important to me.

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