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Precision 7720 new delivery RAID controller


We received 3 deliveries of Dell Precision 7720 mobile workstations.

The first in october the second in november and the last 1 in januari. The machines from october and november (14 pieces) i can install via sccm 2012 and windows dvd with the Samsung NVME driver. The new delivery (8 pieces) is unable to install via the Samsung driver. Which driver is needed for these machines? We install Windows 7 on these machines. Please advice.

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Re: Precision 7720 new delivery RAID controller


If you send me a PM with one of the service tags I can have a look at the hardware configuration for you and see what is needed.

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Re: Precision 7720 new delivery RAID controller

Do these have Xeon CPUs?  Among the current 7720s, only the ones with Xeon CPUs (E3-1505m) will support Windows 7.

Any of the ones with Core i CPUs are Windows 10 only - no support for Windows 7 at all.


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