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Precision m 4800 won't start up


I'm the lucky owner of a Dell Precision 4800, but today the laptop won't start up. It worked fine at work, but after my bike ride home it ran into problems. It should be said that the last couple of monts the charger has been a pain in the **bleep**, and that the computer if moved, while turned on, shuts down without any notice. 

9 out of 10 times when I hit the power button the computer starts up for about 1 ses, and then turns off again and reboot. I have managed to get it going two times, but after the Dell logo a message appears which says "Error memory configures incorrectly", so i tried removing the ram blocks on shift with no result. If I'm lucky enough to get the machine to come up with the message, it shows a purple screen after a couple of minutes, which make me think that the problem is probably not the ram but perhaps the motherboard, but as changing that is a lot more work that trying a new set of rams, i'm not that keen to try it as the first thing. 

Does anybody know if the symptoms is a reaction to bad motherboard?


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Re: Precision m 4800 won't start up


Hi Mortensen91,

How many sticks of memory do you have? If you have more than one, remove them all and try them one at time in all the slots (including the slots under the keyboard) to see if it is a faulty memory stick or motherboard slot

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