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Replacing thermal pads in Precision

Hi. I'm going to replace the old thermal pads on my Precision M4700. I have found that there is many variety of the thermal pads. Primary parameter of all of them is thermal conductivity.

Generally, better thermal conductivity means bigger price and higher hardness. What sounds not good, because in case of you will replace the old thermal pads with the new pads, not all the chips on motherboard or VGA card can be covered due to different thickness. Just because the cooling system will not press the new thermal pad (with high hardness) good enough. But small thermal conductivity may cause overheating and decreasing lifetime.

I don't know anything about M4700 base thermal pads. Could you say, what is the thermal conductivity of it? What thermal conductivity should I choose? 2 W/mK, 3 W/mK or maybe 5 W/mK?

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