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The WD19DC dock strikes back.

About a week ago I made a similar post complaint about the poor performance of the Dell WD19DC performance dock and I got a good response from dell support and they actually fixed it! 
It’s about a solid week later and the dock has begun giving me the same issues again, plus a new issue. 
The big problem that’s preventing me from even doing anything is when I try doing something on Chrome or Discord, usually watching a YouTube video. 
When pressing play, the chrome/discord window will go black, followed by the first screen and later the second screen where it’ll eventually restart. 
It’s also still got the usual problems which include:

- Not Waking up properly from sleep mode

- Not supplying the computer enough power after plugging in USB C connectors

I’ve tried checking for updates via Support Assist or the windows 10 update assistant (which fixed it last time) but it claims everything’s up to date. 
This dock is still in warranty and not even a year old. I shouldn’t be having these issues with a $200+ docking station. 

(I have videos but the site won’t let me update them.)

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