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Windows 10 reset - TPM?


I've recently bought a used Dell precision 7510. I believe originally it had windows 7 installed which was upgraded to Windows 10 (home for refurb pcs) by the seller.

The laptop arrived with what appears to be a fresh install of win 10, however to be on the safe side I opted to perform a Windows 'reset' including erasure of all files.

During the reset a black screen appeared with the following;


"A configuration change was requested to enable, activate, clear, enable, and activate the TPM

This action will clear and turn on the computer's TPM (Trusted platform Module)

WARNING: This request will remove any keys stored in the TPM

Press F12 to enable, activate, clear, enable, and activate the TPM
Press ESC to reject this change request and continue"

I have no idea what this means and how either of the two options may affect the laptop and the 'reset'

Any help offered would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Dom

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Same here. Wonder how this can be fixed. Any thoughts ?

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