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1100 Laser Printer Jams

I recently purchased a 1100 laser printer.  It was working fine until it started jamming.  It will feed the paper.  the paper pick up roller will turn half way and them stop without pulling the paper through.

I've turned the printer on and off and sometimes it was working now it won't print at all.

How can the be fixed. 


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Re: 1100 Laser Printer Jams

Well, 1st of all, was there a reason for the jam? Are you using standard 20lb (72gsm) paper?

If there was an earlier jam, did ALL the paper get removed or did any tear off inside?

If you can get to the feed roller and remove it, usually a good cleaning will work wonders. Clean the rubber area with a dampened cloth and dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth (an old clean tee-shirt works great). Don't use alcohol or other cleaning solvents as these may damage the rubber.

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