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1320C orange blinking ! - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

I have Windows 10, using the most recent drivers. I have had no issues printing up until suddenly this afternoon. A page printed out perfectly, then suddenly the amber ! began flashing. The 1320C has no indicator to read a code I can decipher, there is only the blinking !. How on earth do I know what's wrong or what needs replacing?

I have done the factory reset, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and software, checked connections, rebooted computer and printer, unplugged from wall, etc. 

Does anyone have any idea what I might be missing? I'd love some help! 

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RE: 1320C orange blinking ! - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!


Click the link below for information on the 1320c error codes and the meaning of LED codes. 

Dell 1320c, 1320cn Laser Printer Error Codes

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