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1355cnw - replaced toner cartridge, still says empty.

Dell 1355cnw - the printer indicated Yellow cartridge empty.  Replaced the Yellow cartridge, still says empty.  Note: This is using a Dell toner cartridge.


UPDATE: Can select "Non-Dell Toner" option and printer prints in color, including Yellow.  Prefer not to leave it that way - no warning of low toner.

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RE: 1355cnw - replaced toner cartridge, still says empty.

Hi WJChase,

Did you remove the plastic film before installation? There are also other steps that you can try:

  1. Check if you are replacing the right cartridge.
  2. Check to see if another cartridge needs replacement. There are printers that require all cartridges to have some ink even if you will only print in one color.
  3. Check if the contacts on the ink cartridge and printer are clean. 

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