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2135Cn fax problems



I just got my new Dell 2135CN printer, and I have some problems with the fax. I tried to set I up, but it does not seems like the fax with take the call.

Are there anyone out there who have a solution on this problem ??


I made a update of the printer and the fax


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Re: 2135Cn fax problems

Is your phone line "copper" from the street, or are you VOIP?

The 2135cn DOES NOT support T.38 (VOIP, Digital lines, etc)

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Re: 2135Cn fax problems

I have been messing around trying to get this to work.  I used to be able to fax with my Canon MFC, and it would be a real bummer to have to have two machines.

I am using Comcast Voice service over broadband.  When I first tried to fax it would not work.  The following both worked for me:

1 - Lower the transmission speed from 33.6 to 9600.

2 - Leave the transmission speed at 33.6 and disable ECM in the fax settings.

Experiment to see which works for you.  I am sticking with #2 since it sends faster.


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