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2335dn & 1815dn duplex prints phantom blank side to one-sided documents

We have a Dell 1815dn and a 2335dn.  Our PCs (WinXP) have their printing preferences for both these printers defaulted to "Double Sided Printing - Long Edge" i.e. duplex switched on, so that we print on both sides of the page automatically.  We want to save paper, reduce environmental impact etc.

The problem is that for one-sided documents (the majority of our print jobs), it prints a phantom unnecessary reverse blank side.  This clocks up an extra 'page' on the toner usage count as well as doubling the wear on the printer and taking more time.

On every other duplex laser printer (e.g. HP), if the printing defaults in the driver are set to 'duplex-on', it will not try and print the second side of a one-sided document. (or the last page of an odd-number of sides multi-page job) .

I thought this might be a printer driver problem so tried using an HP driver on the Dell 2335dn resulting in no change.  And in reverse, using the Dell 2335dn driver on the HP LaserJet (with built-in duplexer), the HP did NOT try and print a phantom reverse side on a single-page document.  This makes me think it's a firmware issue in both these printers.  Having to manually change the duplex printing preferences according the number of pages of each print job is not a realistic solution. 

Anyone else have this problem or a solution?


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