3100cn - Cannot Print on Custom Paper Sizes

the story begins with me trying to print on an a custom sized note cards envelope. I was unsuccessful, so I called Dell tech support. After telling the story to a couple interference techs, I eventually got to Todd, an upper level tech support. He was truly excellent and spent a few days working with the higher ups and trying to find a solution to the issue. He finally came back and said that it could not be done.

Basically, the 20 "Custom" paper size and output size options in the driver cannot be changed and are virtually useless. If the paper size you want to print on is not listed in the driver AND in the printer firmware you CANNOT PRINT ON IT!

This seems quite ridiculous to me. I have used both low-end and high-end printers from Brother, Lexmark, Xerox, and HP. They all allow you to print to virtually any paper size that will fit in the MPF (and incidentally, don't require me to punch a bunch of keys on the front panel of the printer to tell it what kind of paper is in the MPF tray!).

Todd said that the printer team releases new drivers on a "regular basis" but he did not know if this would be fixed in an upcoming release. I don't put a lot of stock in it though considering that they have not released ANY driver updates since this printer came out.

I just wanted to let everyone know about this. I wish I had known about it before I bought the printer so I could have made a better decision for my company. I am outside of my 21 day return period now, so I am out of luck. I would consider this before you purchase. Hope this helps someone!

PS - If anyone does figure out a hack, let me know. Open-source drivers anyone? Ha!

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Re: 3100cn - Cannot Print on Custom Paper Sizes

I had the same problem and found that in fact you can print on custom sizes with this printer using the latest PCL driver.  This is the link that explains how to:


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