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3130 printer, 009-363 error code, "reseat cartridge" tried 3 Dell OEM cartridges

I have looked all over this site and the web and I cannot find any post truly related to my problem.

My black ran out in normal fashion (going, going, gone) and I ordered a new one from Dell.  When I installed it I got this message "009-363" error code, "reseat cartridge".

I called Dell and they said they would send me a new cartridge.  I was desperate so I got creative.  I took the micro chip off the back of my old cartridge and installed it on my new one.  It worked!!  The printer told me that the cartridge was "close to life", which it wasn't, but I figured that was just because it was the chip from the old one.  I ran several hundred wonderful copies before the replacement came.  I installed the 2nd Dell cartridge and I got the same error-- 009-363 error code, "reseat cartridge".

Now I was mad.  I called Dell looking for some technical support and all I got was what I consider customer support  "we will send you a third cartridge".  So while waiting for the third, the first ( with the pirated chip) stopped working (supposedly ran out of toner-NOT).  So I just moved the chip to the 2nd cartridge they had sent.  It made one copy and said it was "out of toner". The third cartridge came and same thing--009-363 error code, "reseat cartridge"

So I called tech support and guess what he said?  I should just buy a new printer!!!!!!!!!!   It is two years old an has less than 13,000 copies on it.  It is supposed to last to 100,000!

The tech support guy thinks I need to replace the toner sensor, part #R315D.  I am more than willing to replace it myself, but I can't find a schematic anywhere.

So....does anyone have any OTHER ideas as to what my problem might be, or advice on how to find a schematic?

I find it odd that the sensor went out at the same time that the original cartridge ran out of toner.


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They haven't kicked you out of this site by that comment yet? :))

We try to refill our cartridges when needed and found nothing on resetting the chip ounce we did. I guess there is some aftermarket chips that might work that goes on the cartridge. Have you heard of this?

I find the sensor more than odd as well.


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I don't know anything about aftermarket chips for toner cartridges.  I have never refilled a Dell.  I refilled Minolta and they use a glass fuse.

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