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3130cn "Error Y Cart 093-919 Remove Tape from Y cart" ?

The printer has been stored for a couple years, and the error code is what put it in storage. Needless to say there is no tape visible anywhere on the Y, or any other, cart.

First it wouldn't accept Dell toner carts as being legitimate, then switched to this.

Now, I would like to get it functional again, if at all possible, as buying another is not an option, especially given the ridiculous price for the duplexor in this one (still chafes).

At one point there was, on the Dell site, a firmware update that addressed the non-Dell toner issue, but now I find neither that, nor anything else to help.

It will be used on a machine with the current version of Macintosh OS X, and eventually, I'd like to set it up wirelessly, for both OS X and Window's machines.

Any suggestions, ideas, hope?



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RE: 3130cn "Error Y Cart 093-919 Remove Tape from Y cart" ?

I had the same problem with the cyan cartridge and was not able to find a workable solution on line.

But I did find the solution.......at least to my cartridge. Hold the cartridge so that you can look into the slot where the tape originally resided. Use a flashlight to see if there is any toner dust in the slot ESPECIALLY in the area where the tape was secured.  Where the tape is secured you should see what appears to be a small square in the plastic where there is a senor for the tape and I believe if that sensor has dust of any kind on it, it's function becomes impaired.

First I used a very small brush along with air blasts from my compressor to clear the junk and it sort of fixed the "Remove tape on....." error. Even using the brush and compressor I was not able to get all the toner dust out. Later I folded a microfiber rag, placed a kitchen knife in the fold and pushed that into the slot. This cleaning did a better job. NO MORE REMOVE TAPE ERRORS----