5110cn Printer - Ghost Printing and Gray Scale

I am currently using the 5110cn printer.  When I print anything that uses black toner, the whole page ends up coloured gray.  There is also a lot of ghost images appearing on the page.  I have replaced the transfer roller, the imaging drum, the black toner (which is Dell black toner purchased from the Dell.ca website) and still the printer is doing this.  It is RIDICULOUS to try and call support because they tell me to do the same things that I have already done, ie) replace the toner, etc.  The printer is still under warranty and all I want is to talk to someone who can come in and fix the problem!!  Can anyone help???

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Re: 5110cn Printer - Ghost Printing and Gray Scale

Well, this forum is not the correct "forum" to get someone out there to fix the problem. The only way that'll happen is if you stand firm, tell them you've already done these things, tell them you wish to escalate, demand they give you a case number, then ask to speak with a manager. They'll probably end up  replacing the printer, especially if you have an UN-resolved service history.

SINCE a laser printer operates on a system of charges and discharges, I think the first thing we need to look at is the cleanliness of the machine, especially the HV Contacts located on the inside of the chassis at the left side of the Drum unit. Any toner gunked up on that side after removing the drum unit?

Ghosting and a "Dusty' background can also be caused by the drum not being cleaned correctly. Again, cleanliness is key. When you remove the drum unit, every single piece of metal you see is potentially an HV or Ground contact point. Toner powder is not the best conductor.

If you have a vacuum cleaner suitable for use with toner powder (HEPA rated) and some near-lint-free rags (old clean tee shirts are great for this), you can do a lot with some simple regular maintenance. Yes, these do require maintenance.

Otherwise, get back on that phone and become tech supports favorite "friend".

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