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964 Scan Issues


Got Vista 64  and 964 that will not scan.

Have scoured the forums, and despite "Pudgys" due diligence, I see no one who has ended up with a fully functioning printer after performing the trouble shooting steps he describes.

I to have performed the steps multiple times, for hours, and hours.   In my case, I can fax and print documents.  But cannot scan (cant communicate error).  It has to be communicating or it would not print documents. 

So, it must be software and lack there of, or non existant software.

Am I to junk this perfectly good printer?

Seems to me when you buy one of Dells better printers at the time, they would do what they had to do to make it compatible with future operating systems.  If that is not possible then somebody please tell me so I can quit wasting time once and for all.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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