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A960 printing will not center on page

I have a frustrating printing problem. When printing from Word  and other programs (XP prof) the page image will not print in the center of the page. I am trying to print labels and the entire page prints about 1/2 inch too low. Does not center image from left to right either. Is there some adjustment to correct this? Where to I find the actual image area that the A960 prints? Is there a workaround for this?



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Re: A960 printing will not center on page



The first thing I'd look at is to make sure the proper paper is selected when trying to print. I tried looking at the A960 Printer Manual and could not find anything on aligning the page.


I know I had a few issues with some printers not printing correctly because the margins are outside the print range. You might have to try adjusting the margins until you find the proper setting. I do NOT have Microsoft Word on my personal computer to try this.


You should have some type of selection to choose for the labels, especially since the use different paper. If you did not install the label software, then the selection for the label format is not there. You'll then need to add a custom size..





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