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Re: AIO 920, vista, and windows 7 RC


Yup, sure is. Well, better safe than sorry.

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Re: AIO 920, vista, and windows 7 RC

Back again, Rick:

the AIO 920 printer works with the Vista driver in Win 7: it prints, it copies, it faxes. what it doesn't do is send scans where they should go (using Windows fax and scan is better). and it doesn't know when to shut up. it will either print me two copies of whatever i'm doing, or it will spend two days deleting the file, which has grown to an unmanageable size---46 megs for a couple of jpegs. sometimes it does both.

any suggestions other than reinstalling the driver?

or do I have to wait for October and the real Windows 7 and maybe then a Win 7 driver? 



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Re: AIO 920, vista, and windows 7 RC



I would suggest, disconnecting the printer, run the patch(run as administrator) until it prompts you to restart your computer. Restart your computer and then install the Vista drivers. (These are available from the second post in this thread)


I was told Windows 7 drivers will not be available until the end of October, so people have to be patient.


Did you Update list of applications to send scans to?


Settings for scanning, try looking at the printer settings and change it to suit your needs. I have my printer set to scan at 600 dpi, because I scan mostly pictures to put them on disks to reprint them.


Are you faxing? Did you try using the Vista program from BVRP PhoneTools for Faxing?





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