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C1765NFW, not recognizing/accepting new toner cartridge

I have a c1765nfw all-in one printer. A few days ago I noticed it was printing pretty light. I took the cartridge (black) out and shook it a few times. Put it back in the printer. I restarted the printer and the message came up that the cartridge was empty and needed to be replaced.  I did not believe this as it is not that old.  Nonetheless, I got a new cartridge and put it in the printer. Giving me the same message "Replace Cartridge."

What is odd is that there were no messages prior to this telling me the cartridge was low, etc.

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Needing help.


Still having an issue with this each time I try to put int a new cartridge. I even have this issue with an "authentic" Dell cartridge. Usually with the Dell cartridge if I goggle it around it will eventually click and the message disappears. I am getting really tired of this each time I have to put in a new cartridge.

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Did anyone find a solution to this. I am having the same problem.

My  printer is out of warranty but I'm hoping to find instructional help.

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