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C3765dnf Scan-to-eMail doesn't work

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just can't get Scan-to-eMail (= ste) working.

just everything works fine : fax and networkprinter. all fine. but ste doesn't work.

i know, that i have to enter the ip-address for smtp-gateway instead typing the name. i surely know email-address an corresponding password, i know the ports (smtp : 465 / pop3 : 995) , and i know that i have to use *Invalid instead *SMTP AUTH (AUTO) ...

but always, when i'm trying to csend a scan i get different error codes. however - the informations are correct, with them I can receive and send mails via outlook all time.

any suggestions / idea / informations ?

help is very welcome !!

best regards nayss

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RE: C3765dnf Scan-to-eMail doesn't work

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hello @ all,

the topic can be closed, i have the answer :

...no dell-printer to date can send email directly into any email-account that is encrypted via SSL.

No dell printer built BEFORE 2014 also will never can handle it.

It's not clear till to date if dell printers build from 2014 on (an later) ever will be able to handle SSL.

it's to date only possible by using outlook exchange AND a print server.

that's poor by such an international and big company, also by respecting the fact, that germany mail providers only offer ssl-encrypted mail accounts.

not watching the market will not lead to more sales...

microsoft is doing better, they're listening to their customers^^... ;-)

best regards,

a dissapointed nayss

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