Can't Fax

Hi!  I have the 922 All In One and I'm having trouble getting the fax to work.  I plugged the phone line into the computer, then into the wall.  (I didn't see any place to plug them into the printer.)  I can scan and save the documents OK.  But we have to dial 1010297 to access our long distance service, and that's the problem.  No matter what I try I can't get through this step.  I get a dial tone then after dialing 10 numbers the "error voice" comes on the line telling me I have to dial the long distance extension number first (or something like that) to make a long distance call.  I tries all the configurations of Dialing Rules that I can think of but nothing works.  I think the fax should work, since I can get so far into this.  Can you help?

Oh, and I have an IBM Lenovo T43 w/ Windows XP 2002 version.

Also, my scans all save as jpegs.  Is there a way to save them as a PDF?  I have the software on my computer but it's not saving them right.

Thanks everyone!


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Re: Can't Fax



The printer is an older model. I'm not sure if it would work it you can tell it to dial 1010297 to get an outside line, then dial the number you want. I can't remember if a number can be inputed that is that long.


Maybe BVRP PhoneTools for Faxing has that capibility.


As for saving you scans as pdf's, try Update list of applications to send scans to and add Adobe Reader to the list.





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