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Can't uninstall Dell 968w printer

I tried to print a document to the printer after someone else installed it, and the document wouldn't print (even though the printer was listed in 'Devices and Printers' and was set to the default printer). Microsoft suggested that I uninstall the driver software and reinstall it, which sounded great to me. I removed it, then went to 'Programs' and attempted to uninstall from there.

That's where the problem started. It said that the printer may already be uninstalled. I looked at one of the windows, and the program was attempting to uninstall, but it was taking far longer than expected. After a while of waiting with no progress on the uninstall, I restarted the computer. When it came back on, I went to 'programs' under 'Control Panel,' and it wasn't there. However, under 'All Programs,' I still had the Dell folder with the printer listed. I tried to click 'uninstall' from there, and Microsoft gave me a 'missing shortcut' message.

When I turned the printer on after restarting the computer, it was installing drivers again, but the printer still doesn't work (I suspect because I should uninstall the existing drivers before trying to re-install them).

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Re: Can't uninstall Dell 968w printer



First run Delete Print Jobs to remove any stuck print jobs from the queue.


Make sure the prnter is not usb cable connected.


Start, control panel, programs and features, Dell 968w printer, uninstall.


Restart your computer.


Make sure the printer was removed. Manual Printer Driver Removal


Wit the printer online, insert the printer disk and install the printer. You'll get a message the printer was not connected. Connect the printer at this time(powered on)





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