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Connecting again through USB

I had temporary use of a wireless network and so connected the v305 printer through it. No I want to connect again trough a USB cable. Problem is my Inspiron (Vista Home Basic) somehow thinks it's connected to a USB Mass Storage Device - Drive(F:), and do not recognize it. How I can print again through a UBS cable? Should I uninstall and reinstall the printer? If yes, please provide relevant information. Thanks.

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Re: Connecting again through USB

uninstall old driver and software package from start>control panel>uninstall program

then re install from disk that came with printer or download from manafacturer

thats a standard answer

but first try changing port of printer from control panel > hardware printer > right click on printer > properties > ports > make sure checked off for USB

also make sure it is the default printer

Hope I helped

Let me know if it worked


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Re: Connecting again through USB

Unfortunately it didn't work. I had reached a dialog:

Connect Your Printer
(.) Connect USB Cable Now
It may take a moment for the computer to recognize your printer after you connect the cable.

The [Next] continues to be gray for several minutes...

Now when I connect the USB cable the printer wakes up but the computer says it cannot find it.

The things I suspect may have gotten wrong are:

1. I had problems after installing the optional R170196.exe driver. How do I remove it?

2. I have the installation disc but cannot find the written directions that came with it. Can I download them from somewhere?

3. I have refilled the black cartridge (and during the installation I did not install the ink meter) and the printer has been thinking it is out of alignment. When, however, i copy something it comes out OK. Could this interfere with the connection?



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Re: Connecting again through USB

a couple of thoughts

on printer menu on the printer itself there should be a alignment procedure that can be run

the manafacturer website under support should have a manual you can download using adobe reader which adobe is a free download also it will let you view it as html which is a webpage view though if you do it using adobe reader which uses a .pdf format it will be easier in the future to print

as far as the driver removal that is tough.

There is driver cleaner programs for free on the internet just be careful and scan it with a good antivirus program

what you could try is to do a system restore to a point when it worked on the usb

go to start >programs>accessories>system tools> system restore and restore to a date previous to using the wireless

one warning is that you would lose any programs installed since that date you restored from also possibly stuff like pictures and documents so you have to decide it you want to risk that

before you do that go to control panel and choose add hardware option and see if it recognises it also try add printer option under control panel and see it recognises the printer

also try using different usb ports than the one u were using

Good luck

i probably wont be able to reply for a while because of family obligations so i wish you the best


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Re: Connecting again through USB

After resting for a couple of months, I tried to install again the printer. Now I have some more specific results:

I inserted the USB cable from the printer to the computer:

Found new hardware - Insert disk that came ect.

I inserted the disc:

Dell v305 installation

(.) I agree

Install additional software
[ ] install ink management system to order ink

Installing software
Select connection type
(.) USB connection

Connect your printer
(.) connect USB cable now (it was already connected!)
it may take a moment for the computer to recognize your printer after you connect the cable

The Next remains grayed out for a long time!

I click the Safely remove hardware and remove the cable.

I tried to plug the cable at another USB port with same results.

I click the x to close the installation.

Are you sure you want to exit installateion?


The installation icon at the taskbar says: your device is ready to use!

I insert the again cable.

Of course the Savely remove hardwae icon appears!

I try to print a text document from the notepad.

Some time passes. Then these 2 dialogs appear:

Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unbusual way, Please contact the application's support team for more information,

Microsoft Windows
jPrinter status window interface has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
Close program

What's wrong?


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Re: Connecting again through USB



The procedure is simple. Disconnect your printer. Uninstall your printer,.


Restart your computer.


Download the proper drivers from Dell's website. Make sure the computer is online for additional updates. Once the printer is installed, you'll get a message, the printer is not connected. Connect the printer at this time powered on.


More information on installing the printer can be found at...


V305 & V305w All-In-One Printer owners thread (W7)






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