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Dell 1133 - Internal Error - Including Corrupted Data


I have a Dell 1133 running on Win7-32bit. 

After working normally for 6 months my printer started giving the following error.

Internal Error - Including Corrupted Data

Position: 0x2f5af (193967)

System: h6fw_5.35/xl_image

Line: 154

Version: SPL 5.35 06-03-2009

When I try to print something, it either prints a page with this error on it or prints the first page normally and then prints this. 

Basic troubleshooting didn't make any difference. (reinstall, update drivers, try with a different computer)

I also failed to do a firmware update due to "I/O Error" appears on the process. 

Any ideas?

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DELL-Sudeep S
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Re: Dell 1133 - Internal Error - Including Corrupted Data


The printer might be faulty as the issue persists while printing from a different computer. I hope prints from various applications were also taken just to make sure that it is not an application issue. Request you to private message your printer service tag to me. To private message accept my friend request; click on my user name and click start conversation.

Thanks & Regards
Sudeep S

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Re: Dell 1133 - Internal Error - Including Corrupted Data

Hi Sudeep,

I have 100% exactly the same error message with our 1130n printer running in a wireless/wired homenetwork with W7 64 and W7 32 computers. Problems started suddenly yesterday. We use the printer all day.



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