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Dell 1135cn - two units bricked in under a month


i am on my second 1135cn unit in a month, and both have died in the exact same fashion. i did a search by both error codes on forum, and got no results.


brand new unit, no modifications to settings on printer

install SW on Win 7 x64 system

attach printer via NW connection (never any direct connect to host system)

configure for 1st use, everything works fine

system goes into sleep mode

next usage when trying to use unit, system is bricked with the error code below

call support, they replace with new unit


error as follows on front panel



restart printer

contact support

I've tried power cycle with plug in,  plug out, letting sit unplugged for a few days, nothing worked

support seems to not know what this is, and just replaces the unit.

anyone else seen this, or have any other suggestions aside from a bad batch of units from whoever the ODM is?

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