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Dell 1250c not installing black toner cartridge - HELP!

Hi, I keep getting an exclamation mark and a light saying that the black cartridge is not installed at all, but it is a new cartridge and it clicked into place properly, but still doesn't work. I even bought another cartridge as I thought the first one was faulty, and that doesn't work either. I put the original empty cartridge in and it isn't even reading that. Please help!
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RE: Dell 1250c not installing black toner cartridge - HELP!

Black ink cartridge failure can be the result of paper problem. Try to check the paper.
There are papers with printing and non-printing sides. Photo paper and other special media papers should be double checked and you can try printing on its other side.
You can also check the driver settings for paper type. Usually when photo paper is selected, the black cartridge will not work.

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