Dell 1700 Printer - Paper Jam light stays on

I have a Dell 1700 laser printer that the paper jam light stays on and will not print.  I have checked all parts of the printer and there is not paper jam.  I have checked the paper tray and adjusted several times to insure a proper fit.  I have blown out the printer incase there is a piece of fuzz/paper that could be the cause.  Unplugged the printer cables, turned it off, removed the toner and drum.  I still get the paper jam light.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? 

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Re: Dell 1700 Printer - Paper Jam light stays on

If the printer starts to pickup the paper and then stops, the two rubber pickup tires may be the problem. If you remove the tray and look up under the front of the printer you should see the tires. To see if this is the problem: you can remove the tires, turn them inside out and swap sides with them. Be careful when removing the tires, the plastic arm is flimsy.  You can order the tires from Dell. I have used pickup tires for Lexmark Optra S1255 printers on the 1700n printers too.

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