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Dell 1700 Printer install problems via USB

I have tried installing a Dell 1700 printer via USB on Windows Vista 32 bit, but was unsuccessful. When I plug in the printer to the usb windows displays an error that USB device was not regonized. This contunies to occur even after I install the drivers. Also when installing the drivers. When it asks to select a port, usb is not an option.


Can anyone assit me in installing this printer.



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Re: Dell 1700 Printer install problems via USB

I have the same problem reinstalling 1700 printer with Windows XP thru a USB cable - nothing I try from Dell on line support works for a reinstall without printer sharing. 

I have carefully downloaded new drivers and deleted and reinstalled numerous times.   I keep getting an unknown device message.

The printer worked fine until I tried to set up on a new network.  Manual test page still works fine.

Just purchased new printer (not Dell) to install this week - I expect much less pain and positive results.

It would be nice to reinstall this old horse.   I have toner for another year (home.use)  Surprised that the default setting for the latest downloaded drivers refers to a parallel printer cable.  

Dell: if you are monitoring the community - my service tag is 

<ADMIN NOTE : Service Tag  removed per privacy policy>

and I would like to go to a complete online guide on how to fix.  IMHO this should be part of ongoing product support.  If the USB driver option on a 1700 is dead - please lets us know so we do not waste time.

Others:  if you mastered the reinstall or found a complete how to reinstall guide please pass on the info


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