Dell 1700 paper stops halfway through the the job

Copied from Stefano Mollo.  I have the exact problem, why recreate the wheel?

Hi everyone.

I have a Dell 1700n laser monochromatic printer; great printer, but it jams the paper..... or so it says!

The paper "stops", does not jam, in the first place; it does not curl, the paper is new, is not too thick, is not too thin ..... , nothing wrong with it. Dimensions are correct, the paper tray works beautifully.

This problem is recurring every time a print job is sent to the printer, i.e., it never prints.

The paper IS picked up by the tyres and is pushed entirely under the toner assembly; it then stops in a completely horizontal position for an unknown (to me) reason, just when it is half way under the toner assembly; or, if you prefer, just with the "input sensor" in the middle of it.

So far, I understand there are two input sensor; the first is the manual feed input sensor, which we don't care about because I am feeding the paper from the tray, therefore is never activated; the second input sensor is located just under the toner assembly, right in the center of the paper path.

I have read the other threads and I proceeded to clean BOTH the above mentioned sensors, but without any change or solution. Just in case, the Secondary error code light sequences for jams indicates a "Paper jam at input sensor" (... after the "paper jam" light glows steadily, I press twice the "Press continue" button, and I get the secondary error code ....).

Therefore, I have the following questions;


1) I already dismantled both sensor and cleaned them, but because I do not have compressed air available, I just blew on them as hard as I could! HOW dirty do they get? Can it be that me blowing is not strong enough?


2) Can they or one of them just be faulty? How do I test them? I know how to use a multimeter, being quite handy with electronics and computers.


3) What else can it be? What could I possibly be missing?


4) Since this printer is Linux based, could this sensor be disabled? OR, could it be a software bug, and therefore could be fixed upgrading the software?


Thank you very much, this is a very GOOD printer, and to have to trow it in the bin would be really a shame, not talking about the environmental damage!




Stefano Mollo.

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