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Dell 1700 will not feed paper

I have read all the posts regarding this issue but the answer seems to be the same without understanding the question.  The problem is that the printer will only work when you use the manual feed.  When you try to print from the tray, you hear a couple of clicks and then the Load/Remove Paper stays on.

Here's what I have tried:

1) cleaned the 2 roller wheels at the end of the drop down bar.

2) Cleaned the grease from the clutch and the spring.

3) used compressed air to blow out any dust around the gears.

My gut feeling is that the T-Bar with the rollers is not dropping down.  I can see a small cog wheel up by the arm that will cause the arm to drop down (it has a spring attached as well).

How can I pin point this issue?  Is it the solenoid, input sensor?  Looking for any ideas.

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Welcome to our community. You want to try the step mentioned in this thread  Please check and let us know if this helped you.


Bad link. Do you have the correct link? 

I'm having the same problem--the rollers don't drop down so they never touch the paper.

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