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Dell 1710 ALL lights blinking

ALL FIVE lights plus the "Continue" light are blinking. Only the "Cancel" light is not blinking.

I've had this problem three times in the past. Each time Dell replaced the printer. My warranty has since expired.

I have turned it on and off several times.

If I press the "Continue" button twice, the "Load/Remove Paper", "Error" and "Continue" lights REMAIN blinking.

If I press the "Continue" button twice again, the "Ready Data", "Error" and "Continue" lights REMAIN blinking.

"ALL lights blinking" is NOT one of the problem conditions described in the troubleshooting part of the Dell manual. 

Any suggestions on how to identify, and hopefully fix, the problem?

While i have been a long time and very satisfied customer with Dell PC's, the 1710 printer has been a piece of junk. One failure is understandable; two, well? ; three only because they replaced it under warrantly; now less than a little over a year later, it fails with the same symptons for the fourth time. This is my LAST Dell printer!



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Re: Dell 1710 ALL lights blinking

I just got done working on one of these printers that was having the same problem.  I powered the printer off and unplugged the power cord for a minute or so.  Plugged it back in and powered on.  Printer working fine.

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