Dell 1720dn network settings reset

Accidentally, I've entered wrong ip-address in the list of computers, permitted to access to my 1720dn printer through the network. Now I can't print and access embedded web server to change these addresses list. Factory reset through printer menu didn't gave any results. I've also tried to connect printer using USB but software allows you to change only printing settings while connected through USB.
Is there any way to reset ALL settings on printer or access network settings using USB? Any additional software?
Appreciate any help.
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Re: Dell 1720dn network settings reset

  1. Power off the printer
  2. Open the front cover
  3. Press and HOLD both the Cancel and Continue buttons
  4. Continue to hold the buttons and power the printer on.
  5. Continue to hold the buttons until all light cycling activity has stopped.
  6. After the lights have stopped cycling (could take up to 30 seconds), release the buttons.
  7. Close the front cover to complete the Factory Default reset process.

If you're attached to a DHCP source, the printer should then request and acquire an IP address. Hope this helps.

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Re: Dell 1720dn network settings reset

Thank you! I've find the answer on the related topic already (finally I was able to do it after two days of searching). The procedure was the same as you described, so it does work in this case.
Thank you again and good luckSmiley Happy
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