Dell 2150cdn Color Printer 077-901 Paper Jam Issue

I have attempted to contact support several times with no resolve.  Honestly, I would like to return this printer, but its past the time allowed and I cant afford the loss.  This printer ha been nothing but problems since the beginning. I have to make it work being that I am a short run printer and have several orders waiting to be processed.

I have had the printer MAYBE 3 months.  Thats it and I am having the following issue:  for no apparent reason - havent changed anything - software, hardware or media being used - the printer consistently is jamming.  I have attempted several different types of paper, cardstock, labels - you name it - all with the same result.

I reeive the following error message: Paper jam. Open the Front Cover and remove the paper jam.:077-901

NO PAPER IS JAMMED.  I have looked. 

I have taken apart the printer and cleaned what I could see.

I am at the point where I just dont know what to do - in the meantime - I have clients yelling at me and Dell not responding back to me.

Any help/advise?

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Re: Dell 2150cdn Color Printer 077-901 Paper Jam Issue

It sounds like a bad sensor or switch.

I understand it is out of warranty, but if you can run a report from the printer, on the history.

This should prove to DELL that it was happening during the warranty period which is usually one year.

I have had (2) replaced for other reasons.

If you have the admin/tech hardware guides, you may be able to pinpoint it, but with that error code,

Dell should be able to resolve the issue.


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