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Dell 3010cn printer doesn't work under Win 7

My Dell printer worked perfectly with 64 bit Vista and then I upgraded to Win 7 and my printer doesn't work.  I have checked the driver and it is current (Vista) and I have plugged other printers into the PC and they work.  It is not showing up in Device manager.  I have tried to troubleshoot without any luck.  When I go to print the job goes to the print queue then I get an error that says "error - printing document".  Any ideas?

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RE: Dell 3010cn printer doesn't work under Win 7

Every PC I have with Windows 7 just prints reams of gibberish.  I've got the driver on Win 7 Home 32bit and Win 7 Pro 64 bit  with the same issue on both.  Every bit of troubleshooting says that the reams of gibberish has to do with having a mismatched driver.  Is there any evidence that 3010cn actually works with windows 7?

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