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Dell 3100cn produces spots when color printing

Hello community,


my dear old Dell 3100cn has some issues while printing colors. When I print one image in black&white everything is fine but the same images comes out in colorful spots when printing in colors.

What can I do to enjoy colorful printing again?

Thank you so much in advance!

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In laser printers mostly the issue is Toner/Drum Cartridge

Owner's Manual (

If you have any replacement lying out there please test the printer using them

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If you have found ink smears on the back of your printouts, you can use an automated tool to solve this problem.
Make sure the printer is loaded with plain white paper.
In the printer control panel, swipe left on the display, and then touch Settings.
Touch Tools.
Slide quickly on the display and then touch to clear page smears.
The printer slowly feeds a blank page.
Wait for the printer to remove the blank page.
Try printing. If print quality is unacceptable, proceed to the next step to make sure you are using the appropriate paper for the print job.

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Also recommended:
Check the print settings
Check the print settings in the operating system to make sure they are suitable for your print job.

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