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Dell 5100cn: blank screen, amber exclamation, cannot ping

Hello all,

I have a Dell 5100cn laser printer which between yesterday at 5:00 PM and today at 2:30 PM has stopped working for no known reason.  When a user attempted to print, the printer appeared as "offline" and when checked, it appeared to all users as being offline.  When standing in front of the printer, I noticed that the word "Ready" appeared on the display, with the ink levels below.  I attempted to enter the menu by pressing the "Menu" button, but the printer did not respond.  Pressing the "cancel" button also produced no behavior.  After power cycling the printer, the display is blank and not back-lit and the printer does not respond to any button presses or pings.  The only lights are a steady green power light and a steady amber exclamation point.

Does anyone know what I can do to further troubleshoot this error?

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RE: Dell 5100cn: blank screen, amber exclamation, cannot ping


I did my research and I found out that this is the result of a communication error. Here are some steps that you can follow. Plug the printer directly to the wall. Press and hold the on/off panel switch, while holding the switch, disconnect the power cable, keep holding the switch, reconnect the power cable after 15 seconds then wait 30 more seconds and release the button. This should solve the issue, if not you may need to reinstall the printer software.

Hope this will help you. Good luck!

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